What to Consider When Looking for a Lotion Warmer

If you frequent visit massage parlors or a chiropractor’s office, then you must have come across a lotion warmer several times.  As the name suggests, they are used to warm lotions to desired temperatures. The reasons are just as diverse as the brands of lotion warming devices available.   This calls for intense cautiousness when shopping for lotion warmers that can give you value for your money. Here is what to always keep in mind.

simple lotion warmer

Where to buy

There are several places where one can buy a hand lotion warmer.  But not all places offer value for money. Online auction sites for instance are not as reliable as offline vendors as you may have to wait for long to have your lotion warmer shipped.  The best places are therefore beauty stops or at big stores at the beauty section.  It is different and pretty much easier for children, thanks to several baby stores available.   Note that there is a slight difference between warmers designed to warm ultra sound gels. That said, be sure to ask your vendor to help you differentiate the two.

branded lotion warmer dispenser

Go for 2 in 1

That means a lotion warmer complete with a lotion warmer dispenser.  This way, you will have an easy time warming and dispensing your lotion. Most 2 in 1 warmers heat up to 15 ounces of lotion and are extremely user friendly. They take as much 2 minutes to heat up your lotion. Should you at any time forget to turn off the warmer, it will simply turn off itself, courtesy of an hour cut off automatic shut off.


 People hardly take this into account but it is important. Go for a warmer that can complement your office, bath or kitchen décor.  It could be a stainless steel casing or in the case of a baby lotion warmer, anything colorful.

about baby lotion warmer


Get a portable lotion warmer if you are always on the move.  They are convenient and cheaper compared to stationary warmers. The only drawback is the fact that most of them can only hold up to 8 ounces or rather 250 ml of body lotion. You may also have to recharge and change their batteries from time to time, especially during winter when you just can’t do without the warmer.

Care and maintenance

This only applies to the said 2 in 1 dispensers. Keep it away from children, wash it at least once a month with warm water and plenty of soap and leave it at that. It is that simple. Then always remember to turn it off even if it has the auto shut off. In other words, be patient as you wait for the lotion to heat up. It only takes two minutes.

Surprise a loved one

Lotion warmers happen to be smart gift items.  Get one for an expectant friend or just a close friend during winter when they most need one. Then try to have the casing customized with your loved one’s names or initials. It may cost you a few extra dollars but like you may have already guessed, it will be worth it.

other hand lotion warmer

A great buy

Winter is sometimes irritatingly cold and it’s not just winter. Sometimes you wake in the morning and the thought of applying cold body lotion all over your body sends chills through your body. Do your body some justice and get that warmer.  You will always have an easy time every morning applying your body lotion. What’s more, you will be keeping your skin healthy as cold water has the same effect that ice cold water has on your skin. Just think of it as the best gift you can ever buy yourself.